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people, and could not contrast himself with them. Moreover, although he had lived so long in the closest relations with the peasants, as farmer and arbitrator, and Apple Certification what was more, as adviser the peasants trusted him, and for forty round they would come to ask his advice , he had no ACMT definite views of the people, and would have been as much at a loss to answer the question whether he knew the people as the question whether he liked them. For him ACMT it exam to say he knew the people would have been the same as to say he knew men. He was continually watching and getting to know people of all sorts, and among them peasants, whom he regarded as good and interesting people, and he was continually observing new points in them, altering his former views of them and forming new ones. With Sergei Ivanovich it was quite the contrary. Just as he liked and praised a country life in comparison with the life he did not like, so too he liked the people in contradistinction to the class of men he.did not like, and so too he knew the people as something distinct from, and opposed to, men in general. In his methodical brain there were distinctly formulated certain aspects of peasant l

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
9L0-010 Macintosh Service Certification Exam Apple ACMT
9L0-012 Mac Service Certification Apple ACMT
9L0-314 Apple Hardware Recertification exam Apple ACMT

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